SPA system
easy line mix

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7 benefits
you can't do without


The stable, ergonomically designed DrehFix ­ensures the lid can be opened and closed securely

Easy insertion of the required strainer (available in 105 µ, 125 µ and 195 µ)

Fast fitting of the cup to the adaptor connection

Elevated inner rim prevents mess inside the screw threads

Integral Flip-Flop connection in the base of the cup

Extra stability thanks to rim around the edge of the cup

Easy-to-read, non-scratch and solvent-resistant scales from 1:1 to 10:1 and 20:1

The SPA system easy line mix requires an adaptor between the cup and spray gun.

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New development!


Function of the DrehFix

DrehFix Function

If the cup is held too firmly, it is more difficult to screw and unscrew the lid.

DrehFix Function

The stable and ergonomically designed DrehFix tabs ensure the lid can be screwed and unscrewed easily and securely, without squeezing the cup out of shape.

How do you use the DrehFix?

DrehFix Use

Incorrect! Don’t push the ­DrehFix nozzles towards each other.

DrehFix Use
Correct! Place your hand around the lid and push the DrehFix ­nozzle with your thumb. Open and close the lid without applying force.

Precision in next to no time

The economical, eco-friendly disposable cup system

The new SPA system easy line mix allows you to mix and apply your paint or lacquer even more easily and efficiently. The cups do not need to be cleaned, while filter inserts save additional straining. Solvents and further cleaning work are reduced to a minimum, greatly improving productivity. Using less solvent is good news for the environment and your health, too. Valuable leftover paint or lacquer can be stored in the cup for later use.